When you show up for your appointment, you truly sign up for an experience where this SAFE SPACE allows you to be who you want to be and share as much as you are willing to. There are three different ways to access our services:

- Massage Therapy

- Personal /Semi private Training

- Barbering services

Our Mission is simple:

Sign up for a service and leave having gone through an experience.


Type of body work offered

A. Fasciatherapy

  Therapist is able to evaluate the various types of restrictions and tissue adherences and to use techniques allowing the reduction of these constraints on the body structures.

B. Deep tissue 

As its name suggest, this massage therapy technique targets the various layers of muscles and tissues. Deep tissue massage targets specific areas of tension thereby addressing the source of pain. This type of massage is especially efficient for chronic tension and also for areas of the body, which are under constant strain such as the forearms, the upper, mid and low back, the shoulders and the legs. In a nutshell, all the body may benefit from deep tissue massage. The maneuvers of this style of massage are slow and the pressure exerted is deeper and more concentrated (direct) than a traditional massage. This type of work on the deep tissue enables the practitioner to alleviate pain and restore proper movement patterns.

C. Peri-Articular Stretching (Similarities toThai Yoga )

Is performed on floor mats

This practice entails inducing movements at one or many joints. The person who is receiving the massage remains in a passive and relaxed state, this enables the massage therapist to bring the patient’s body into its full range of motion. These mobilizations are combined with traditional massage and periods of relaxation. They aid to speed up recovery and allow a quicker return to physical activity.

D. Fire Cupping

In Chinese medicine, it is a therapy that consist of using  heated glass cups  and applying them to the skin along the meridians of the body, creating suction as a way of stimulating the flow of energy.

Benefits from Fire Cupping:

- Improve overall blood flow

- Relieve muscle tension

- Promote cell repair

- Improve Mobility

E. IASTM/Guasha

- Another Chinese Medicine approach!

Massage Therapy technique that focuses on the soft tissue (muscles, fascias, skin) 


- Working with Scars:

By creating minor bruising,  breaking down scar tissue and connective tissue, it may help to improve movement in the joint (mobility).

- Improve circulation of (Qi) which just be balanced and flowing freely.

F. Couple's Massage Course

This will probably be one of the best dating experience you ever participate in! Learn a few techniques to be able to meet your partner's love language or fill up your personal need. By learning to touch your partner in a non sexual way, you will develop another type of intimacy, communication skills and making time to care for each other.